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Budgeting Categories

Making a personal budget is easy with Lunch Money

Making a personal budget is easy. Sticking to it is the hard part. Lunch Money gives you the tools to do both!

With visuals and budgeting categories, you can understand your spending habits, and anticipate expenses.

How to make a budget

It helps when you break down your personal budget into budget categories. You can start with our general categories:

Alcohol, Bars
Bank Fees
Coffee Shops
Gas, Transportation
Food Delivery
Home, Auto
Personal Care
Payment, Transfer

Then customize and group your own categories as you please!

Take it a step further

Let Lunch Money automatically recognize your Recurring Expenses, and keep track of those in your budget too!

Lunch Money makes it so easy to get started that I immediately felt better about budgeting. The low barrier to entry and delightful experience have encouraged me to stick with a finance app for the first time, ever.

Benton, budgeting from USA

Made to share

Need to share your budget with your partner or a team? No problem. Share with as many people as you need with our Collaboration feature — at no extra cost.

Budget with ease.

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