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Multiple ways to import transactions

Automatically or manually import your transactions

Lunch Money makes budgeting easy and flexible. That’s why we’ve got multiple ways to import your transactions.

Plaid automatically syncs with your bank

Plaid is widely-used, safe, secure, and trusted by the biggest personal finance apps on the market.

Sync balances and transactions for:
Credit cards
Checking accounts
Savings accounts
Sync balances for:
Lines of credit
We currently supports most financial institutions for automatic syncing from the following countries: US, Canada, Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland and Germany. More countries coming soon!

CSV importing from your bank

A loved feature by many of our users, Lunch Money accepts CSV importing from your bank.

You can import data from your bank in an instant. It’s fast, easy to use, well-documented, and you only need to configure CSV upload settings once.

The next times are a breeze.

Developer API

The Lunch Money Developer API provides a world of opportunities to import transactions and enhance your Lunch Money experience.

Other developers have already:

Discuss the API with other Lunch Money users in our Discord Community.

Manually input transactions

Have something else to add? You can always manually input your transactions. Our Quick Add Transactions page is mobile-friendly and lets you add new transactions on the go!

What can I do with my transactions?

Categorize and tag your transactions to track and organize your spending.

Split transactions to clarify spending, or group them to make your personal finances more convenient. See more in our Transaction Utilities.

Lunch Money also lets you attach files, unlike other personal finance apps like Mint and YNAB.

Lunch Money is the perfect replacement for Personal Capital and Mint. Once you use it you'll wonder, why can't the other apps get it right?

Christin, budgeting from USA
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