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Stats and Trends

Track your spending, expenses, and find your financial success

You organize your transactions, and we’ll sort the data.

Stats and Trends lets you clearly see the patterns of your spending. We’ll pull up insights and visualizations of your spending habits to make them easy to understand!

Gain insight into your monthly spending habits

Receive a monthly email delivered to your inbox with a summary of your expenses. A monthly summary can help you see where your money is going, so you can recognize spending habits that affect your personal finances.

Welcomed and useful email! I appreciate only getting thoughtful emails from time to time instead of constant deluge of emails.

Doug, budgeting from USA

Multiple ways to see your spending

You can see your spending in any custom time period, including:

View top-level stats for any time period, such as total transactions, and how much you’ve spent and earned.

Visualize the data for better money habits

By seeing the trends of your spending habits, you can adjust your spending to meet your financial goals.

Lunch Money makes it so easy to get started that I immediately felt better about budgeting. The low barrier to entry and delightful experience have encouraged me to stick with a finance app for the first time, ever.

Benton, budgeting from USA

Lunch Money’s Stats and Trends can help you easily curb bad spending habits, and with our powerful Analytics Query Tool, develop a spending plan.

Be better prepared for emergency funds, investments, overcoming debt, and other financial goals in life.

Your personal spending doesn’t have to be a mystery.

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