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Transaction Utilities

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How do I add transactions to Lunch Money?

There are several ways to add transactions, all covered in detail here.

Import transactions automatically*


Import CSV bank statements manually

Add transactions via the web interface

* Automatic bank imports currently supports most US/Canada banks only.
Support for UK, Netherlands, France, Spain and Ireland currently in beta. More info.

What can I do with these transactions?

You can split transactions or group multiple transactions as you see fit.

Categorize and add as many tags in a way that makes sense to you, to organize your transactions.

Quickly search and filter your transactions to find exactly what you're looking for.

Split your transactions

How do I split transactions?

  1. Select your transaction.
  2. Select how you’d like to split it.
  3. Set the category and other transaction details for each split portion.

Group transactions

How do I group transactions?

  1. Select the transactions you’d like to group.
  2. Edit group transaction details before saving changes.

Categorize transactions

How do I categorize transactions?

  1. On the Categories page, create as many categories and category groups as you'd like.
  2. On the Transactions page, update a transaction's category in-line.

Tag transactions

How do I tag transactions?

  1. On the Tags page, create as many tags as you want.
  2. Select your transaction on the Transactions page and apply the tag in-line.

Search and filter transactions

Looking for a particular transaction? Our advanced filter system allows you to put together a complex query to find exactly what you're looking for.

Attach a file

You can also attach files to your transactions, unlike financial apps Mint or YNAB.

Organize transactions for accurate Budgeting, Analytics, and gain insights via Stats and Trends.

I just spent 45 minutes categorizing transactions and can I just say — Wow. This is finally the budgeter/analyzer I’ve always wanted!

Derek R., budgeting from USA
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