Hello! 👋
My name is Jen.

I'm the founder, engineer, designer and customer support at Lunch Money.

I am based in Los Angeles, California, but typically live & travel abroad for a few months every year.

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I started Lunch Money because I grew tired of the financial spreadsheet I had been maintaining for 1.5 years.

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I am a proud solopreneur building in public!

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As a solopreneur and independent developer, my priorities are different from big companies like Mint. Lunch Money focuses on making personal finance easy for you, instead of selling your data for profit.

We always put our users first. We don’t have corporate shareholders and investors. You’ll experience personalized support via email and the Lunch Money Slack Community, where you can get help from real people, including myself!

We’re transparent. We actively share what we’re planning. Our Changelog is public, and so is the Lunch Money feature request board, where users can vote for features on our product roadmap. Your opinions matter — we’re building Lunch Money for you!

Be a part of the Lunch Money journey. Unlike watching a huge company gain another million users, being a part of Lunch Money’s journey is something special. You can watch a solopreneur’s business grow and celebrate when it reaches its milestones, thanks to your support.

Independent developers often have a heart to serve others.

Our Tool Stack has suggestions of products that were developed independently, which I use and love!

Lunch Money is my baby and my very full-time job. And I love every minute of it!

🎙️ Podcasts: Indie Hackers: Acquiring the Experience to Make It as a Solo Founder (Feb 2020) & Code Newbies: How to be a successful solopreneur (June 2022)

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