Open opportunities

Where you're based or what your lifestyle is doesn't matter. At Lunch Money, we want to work with the best. If you're confident in your skills and you know you can match our passion, speed of execution and attention to detail, we want to get to know you!

About us

Lunch Money is a one-of-a-kind personal finance management tool for the modern-day spender. We launched in Aug 2019 and are currently profitable with users in over 30 countries around the world. Our users love us!

Lunch Money is run by Jen, an engineer-by-trade and a designer-by-passion learning everything else as she goes.


Open opportunities at Lunch Money are remote and always start off on a project or part-time basis. This means that you will be a contractor (not an employee) for Lunch Money. There should be no expectation of benefits such as equipment, health insurance or 401k starting off; however, this may change in the future for US-based folks.

(P.S. We ask you for your hourly rate right off the bat because 1. it saves time, 2. we don't want to play negotiation games, and 3. we want to pay you a rate you'll be happy with.)

Open Roles

Full-Stack Software Engineer

We are looking for an enthusiastic full-stack software engineer to help us build and continuously improve Lunch Money!

There is a ton of flexibility and room for growth in this role. You'll be the first dedicated engineer on the team so your impact will be huge in maintaining our high standards and determining what the future of Lunch Money looks like.

Ideal candidate


  • have at least 5 years of experience working up and down the stack on a fast-paced team
  • have developed and refined your full-stack skills, effortlessly whizzing between client-side code, back-end code and Sketch/Figma
  • are super quick to learn, always do your own research and are not afraid to ask questions
  • are confident in what you bring to the table
  • are excited about working on Lunch Money closely with Jen, bringing it to a wider audience and potentially helping build out future engineering (& beyond) teams
  • are passionate about Lunch Money as a product and have big, ambitious ideas for what it could grow into
  • are looking for a unique opportunity to wear all the different hats for a successful and established SaaS
  • are able to initially commit 20-30 hours per week


  • You should be familiar with our stack
  • Most importantly: Typescript, React, Node.js

Responsibilities and Sample Tasks


  • Build or improve complex layouts with CSS and HTML
  • Develop new features in conjunction with back-end changes
  • Ensure app looks great in responsive mobile and all major browsers
  • Upgrade to new, stable React features that improve code, performance, usability, etc.
  • Fix bugs in the UI
  • Help clean up code for readability and longevity


  • Maintain and improve the developer API
  • Maintain support for third-party plugins
  • Implement third-party APIs to enhance or improve the Lunch Money experience
  • Develop new features in conjunction with front-end changes
  • Set up or improve our CI/CD flow
  • Ensure good test coverage of server code
  • Monitor health of application and dependents and implement performance-enhancing features as needed
  • Upgrade to new, stable Typescript and Node.js features that improve code, performance, usability, etc.

Miscellaneous tasks

  • Respond to and triage bug reports and feature requests from customers from e-mail, Canny and Slack
  • Update knowledge base as needed
  • Update marketing site as needed

Apply/Interview Process

This is the interview process we'll be following. Please note that you are not guaranteed to move to the next stage, and we'll let you know if we've taken you out of consideration.

  1. Reach out to us at [email protected] with a short cover letter, hourly rate, availability, time zone, resume and a link to your personal website (if any)
  2. Fill out a short questionnaire to get to know you
  3. Hop on a video call with Jen
  4. Work on a (paid) programming task with Jen
  5. Final video call with Jen