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Rules Engine

Automate organizing your transactions

The magic behind Lunch Money is the Rules Engine

Get complete transparency and full control over how your transactions are categorized and organized.

Our users love this feature's customization and flexibility.

I love that when I need to I can tweak the rules that are used to categorize transactions. This is one of the features that really sold me on Lunch Money during the free trial.

Jake, budgeting from USA

How does it work?

Lunch Money will automatically create rules based on how you're using Lunch Money. You can also create your own transaction rules, or modify system-created rules to automatically split transactions, notify you by email, or update fields such as payee, tags, and budget categories.

In other words: spend a little time to make budgeting a lot easier.

Your rules automate your workflow

You can set your own priority levels for different rules for more complex budgeting. Craft your perfect workflow, and organize your transactions in the blink of an eye!

Make it easy for yourself

When you update an existing transaction, Lunch Money will ask you if you want to apply the same changes to similar transactions. Save time organizing your transactions in bulk!

I've tried all the others, from Mint to YNAB, and what you've done with Lunch Money is amazing! I just spent several hours categorizing, tweaking, and then finally – for the first time in way too long – budgeting! And it all just makes so much sense.

Adam, budgeting from USA
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