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Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Track your current portfolio from the comfort of your personal finance app

Your personal finances and your crypto portfolio don’t have to come separately.

Easy to use

Lunch Money is the first website to merge one of the best crypto portfolio trackers with a personal budgeting app. It’s the only place where you’ll see all your finances in one place.

Easy to read

See all your cryptocurrencies added up in your primary currency, and track it in your Net Worth calculator.

Not only are you tracking your crypto portfolio with your traditional assets, you’re also seeing how your crypto portfolio is affecting your net worth over time.

Top Features

Lunch Money covers your bases with a wide range of features. We support the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, including your handy hardware wallet.

...and many more to come!

Automatic imports

Connect safely and directly with different crypto exchanges, with more being added every month.

Automatically track your crypto digital assets, the value of your coins and how they affect your net worth over time.

Manual tracking

Choose from over 1000 cryptocurrencies.

Get real-time updates, latest exchange rates are pulled every minute.

More cryptocurrencies are added every week. Don't see your cryptocurrency supported? Simply let us know and we'll work on adding it!

We understand safety and security is a huge priority for crypto users. Lunch Money only requests read-only access and has no ability to make changes or withdrawals to your accounts!

The best part I would say is the fact that you can actually track your cryptos and can manually track it as well… So for example, if you've taken out a loan like I have, you can actually input that in your holdings to see the overall profit loss.

Jiten Halai
Director, JAH Investments LTD
budgeting from the UK

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