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Net Worth Calculator

Calculate your net worth, see the changes clearly over time

How do I calculate my net worth?

Net worth is your total assets — what you have, minus your liabilities — your debts and what you owe. It’s worth calculating your net worth over time using a net worth tracker!

Why use a net worth tracker?

A one-time snapshot of your numbers from a net worth calculator can only tell you so much. But tracking your net worth over time lets you see meaningful Stats & Trends, so you can use them to meet your short-term and long-term financial goals.

Lunch Money’s Net Worth Calculator tracks your personal net worth over time, letting you see all your historical account balances come together in a neat visual.

Dive deeper into your net worth by filtering visibility of specific accounts and types, such as credit, loans and cash values.

Wonderful work on the net worth tracker visual! Love it!

Rion, budgeting from USA

How does it work?

Lunch Money will take a snapshot at the end of every month to calculate your personal net worth.

You can view your personal net worth changes month by month, and it will count all of your assets, including:

Why stop there?

You can also:

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Curious about the underlying numbers? See your editable historical values for all your accounts in a tabular view, and export it to CSV for your convenience!

The personal finance tracking tool I was always hoping would exist. Simple and to-the-point, yet powerful. Excellent!

Rudy, budgeting from USA
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