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What am I paying for?

You are paying to support an independent developer and solopreneur. You can be sure that Lunch Money is focused on values, not on maximizing profit. That’s why we charge our straight-forward, all-inclusive price.

100% of your subscription dues goes towards the active development of Lunch Money. We don't have a marketing or sales team, and this is by choice. We are a lean company with clear and simple priorities, so we can go further, longer.

We stay sustainable by charging a subscription. Charging a subscription is the only way we make money. We do this so we don’t have to rely on ads, and that means you’ll never have to see one.

We put our users first, not corporate shareholders or investors (because we don't have any!). Lunch Money protects your privacy, so we don’t sell your data to any third-parties — and we promise we never will!

Why are you allowing users to choose their own price?

Since launching in 2019, Lunch Money has become an internationally used app. With our users' support and our lean company structure, we were able to achieve profitability within the first few years of business.

Now, we have decided to prioritize accessibility to our app and deprioritize maximizing profits. The latter is not fulfilling on its own. It shuts people out who could really benefit from Lunch Money, and doesn’t account for regional economic variability, big life changes, hard times, etc.

We want to give back to all our users– past, present & future, who support our journey, helping us achieve something we never thought imaginable. We aim to truly be a people-first company and we love giving a whole new meaning to "gain control of your finances"!

What if I pay for a subscription, but need to take a break?

We offer the ability to pause your subscription indefinitely and get credit for unused time! You’ll be able to use that towards future subscriptions again at any time. Your data will not be deleted in this case.

Can I get a discount or a coupon code?

Our new pricing structure allows for maximum flexibility while allowing us to stay sustainable. In an effort to simplify our billing structure, we've discontinued the use of coupon codes.

We have a variety of other ways to discount your subscription, such as our referral program and affiliate program. If you would like to chat about a bulk discount, feel free to get in touch!

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