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Mint by Intuit has been around since 2006 and is one of the most popular personal finance solutions on the internet. Recently, they announced their decision to shut down the product.

Why you should consider Lunch Money

Mint, like many other investor-backed personal finance apps, operate under high expectations for rapid growth and profit. This can lead to unsustainable business practices, a product bloated with ads and unnecessary features, and in extreme cases (as we've seen), massive layoffs or even shutting down completely, leaving their customers stranded.

Think of Lunch Money as the cozy neighborhood shop among a sea of big-box retailers! We've enjoyed 4 years of organic growth, with a platform shaped by customer feedback. We're proud to be entirely customer-funded, growing only through word-of-mouth — a testament to the loyalty of our users and our steadfast commitment to quality software

It's so nice to have something like Mint but better and that isn't trying to sell me a credit card or mortgage refinancing or whatever other junk they've added in there over the years.

Justin, budgeting from USA

Enter Lunch Money - Mint Alternative

Lunch Money


⚡ No ads, ever

By paying for subscription, you're supporting an independent developer and ensuring you never see an ad on our platform and your data is never sold to a third-party.

Ads overshadow the product and can be misleading.

⚡ Beautiful, intuitive design

Lunch Money has a slick and modern interface designed with the modern-day spender in mind.

Outdated and clunky design made the overall experience slow.

⚡ Awesome customer support

Get support directly from the founder of Lunch Money and existing users in our Discord community!

You won't be getting personalized assistance via Mint's public support forum.

⚡ Developer friendly

Contribute to our growing developer ecosystem by creating your own utilities and tools with our developer API.

Mint does not expose a public developer API.

⚡ Continuous improvement

A public changelog is provided to maintain transparency on product updates with Lunch Money users.

The product hasn't evolved to keep up with modern spending habits.

⚡ Native multi currency

Spend in multiple currencies? Lunch Money will give you an accurate summary of your spending in your primary currency.

Mint will total CAD and USD transactions as if they were in the same currency.

⚡ Unlimited budgets per subscription

Want a budget with your partner, by yourself and your business? Plus a testing sandbox? Under one subscription, create unlimited budgets.

Mint supports only one budget per account.

⚡ File attachments

Upload receipts to your transactions in an instant.

Mint doesn't support file attachments.

⚡ Track your crypto portfolio

Connect your crypto wallet to Lunch Money and track balances in real-time in your primary currency of choice.

Mint doesn't support tracking crypto portfolio.

⚡ Bulk importing

Import transactions via CSV upload or with our developer API.

Mint does not support manual transaction importing.

⚡ Unlimited historical data

Want your bank transactions from last year? If the data is there, we can import it!

Mint only imports transactions from the last 60 to 90 days.

Join other users who migrated from Mint!

Many Lunch Money users felt the frustration of Mint and decided to sign up for Lunch Money, and they haven't looked back!

I'm really enjoying everything about Lunch Money and am happy to say I have been able to delete my Mint account to get away from them selling financial data to marketers.

Tom, budgeting from USA

I love Lunch Money! It makes managing my money super easy while still being very approachable as a tool. I switched from Mint and have never looked back!

Gary, budgeting from USA

Lunch Money is what Mint should have been. After just a week of using Lunch Money I eagerly deleted my Mint accounts.

Steven, budgeting from USA

Lunch Money is the perfect replacement for Personal Capital and Mint. Once you use it you'll wonder, why can't the other apps get it right?

Christin, budgeting from USA

Lunch Money really feels like a breath of fresh air compared to Mint. I enjoy the simplicity and thoughtful design that goes into it. Please keep up the excellent work.

David, budgeting from USA

Lunch Money feels like the early days of pre-acquisition Mint except you're charging money, thank goodness.

Ben, budgeting from USA
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