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Web First Approach

... why not mobile-first?

While some consider web-first to be a limitation

We say it’s what makes Lunch Money so powerful.

It’s free (screen) real estate!

Personal budgeting can be complex and take up a lot of mental energy. By taking a web-first approach, Lunch Money lets you use all the screen space you need to:

It allows you to focus.

Mobile apps are great for doing things on the go, but when it comes to budgeting, you’ll want to pause and be intentional. Lunch Money’s web-first approach allows you to take all the time you need for your personal finances, and to take it seriously.

It’s quick — really quick!

Focusing on web-first means our attention can be efficiently poured into improving the product on one platform. Developing for the web is faster and more efficient than developing for mobile apps, and that means Lunch Money can deliver new features and improvements, quicker than ever.

Creating both a web and mobile platform would slow down development, and we’d rather focus on making a fully fleshed-out product before going mobile. Although we won’t be mobile-first, we’re certainly mobile-friendly. We’re accessible on devices & tablets for responsive budgeting on the go.

That being said, a mobile app is definitely not out of the question for us in the future! Read more about this here.

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