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Import transactions

Sync with your bank, upload CSVs, use our developer API or manually input transactions.

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Net worth calculator

Track your net worth over time for an overall view of your progress towards your goals.

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Multi currency support

Track every dollar, euro, and yen and see it all add up in your home currency.

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Crypto portfolio tracker

Track your current portfolio from the comfort of your personal finance app.

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Transaction utilities

Split, group, tag, and categorize transactions the way you want.

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Rules engine

Build up a system of rules to put organizing your transactions on autopilot.

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Making a personal budget is easy. Sticking to it is the hard part. We help you do both!

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Recurring expenses

Track your monthly, yearly, and weekly expenses to understand your cost of living.

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Run queries to get insightful overview into your spending habits.

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Stats & Trends

Clearly see the patterns of your spending with monthly reports and charts.

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Invite unlimited collaborators to your budget.

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Being a web app is what makes Lunch Money so powerful.

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World-class support

Need assistance? We're just a message away and we're always happy to help.

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Stay secure with two-factor authentication and data encryption at rest.

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The combination of my checking, my savings, investments accounts, and now that I'm living abroad, I can connect also my accounts here in the Netherlands, as well as my accounts in the US. […] I don't think I've ever found any other platform that allows me to do that which is a big reason why I decided to go with Lunch Money.

Sandra Herrera
Product Designer, Voice123
Budgeting from the Netherlands

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