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posted on August 10, 2020

Introducing the new Lunch Money Referral Program

We are so humbled by our wonderful community of budgeters who have helped spread the word about Lunch Money to their loved ones. We are introducing a brand new referral program as a way to express our gratitude.

Your seal of approval means a lot to us! So, by sharing Lunch Money with your friends and family, you’ll both receive benefits. Everybody wins!

Referring friends

When you’re logged in, click on Settings (the cog next to ‘Log out’). You should see a section called “Refer”. From there, you can either copy a link to share with friends, or you can let us know your friend’s email address and we’ll send them an email with the same link.

When your friend clicks on the link, they will land on the main Lunch Money site and see their referral bonus– an extra free month on top of the free trial! From there, they can learn more about Lunch Money and decide whether or not to sign up.

If your friend decides not to sign up right then and there– no worries! The referral bonus will stick around for 14 days, so they can sign up anytime within that period to get the reward.

Rewards for successful referrals

As a token of our appreciation, we will reward you with 10% off for every referred friend with an active subscription at the time of your invoice.

That means if you referred 2 friends who are both on a paid subscription, then you will get 20% off your next invoice. It’s important to note that is a recurring discount. So, as long as your friends are active on Lunch Money, you’ll keep getting that discount!

How it works

Before every invoice, we’ll check and see how many of your referred friends have an active subscription (i.e. a paid subscription with a credit card on file). You’ll receive 10% off for every active friend!

If you refer 10 or more friends and they stay active, your invoices will be $0 and we’ll send you a special gift as a token of our appreciation!

Jen is the founder of Lunch Money, a multicurrency personal finance tool for the modern-day spender. She retreats to Asia as a digital nomad during the Canadian winters and is a self-proclaimed "froodie" – a frugal foodie.

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