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Lunch Money really feels like a breath of fresh air compared to Mint. I enjoy the simplicity and thoughtful design that goes into it. Please keep up the excellent work.

David, budgeting from USA

I love Lunch Money! It makes managing my money super easy while still being very approachable as a tool. I switched from Mint and have never looked back!

Gary, budgeting from UK

It's simple, and it just works. Way easier to use than Mint or YNAB. Get up & going in a few minutes!

Patrick B., budgeting from USA

Lunch Money is the first budgeting app I've ever used and stuck with, because it's so easy to use. I'm not using those other budgeting apps anymore!

Eric, budgeting from UK

Lunch Money is the perfect replacement for Personal Capital and Mint. Once you use it you'll wonder, why can't the other apps get it right?

Christin, budgeting from US

I have been trying to find the perfect balance between YNAB and Mint for a long time and I think you just struck that balance.

Alessandro, budgeting from ITL & USA

I’ve been looking for a very very long time for a budgeting solution that just works. I am so happy I found Lunch Money, it has been exactly what I was looking for.

Bashar, budgeting from UK

Multicurrency is seamless! I have business and personal accounts on both sides of the border, and Lunch Money handled them without a sweat!

Graeme, budgeting from CAN & US

The perfect tool for managing accounts and transactions in multiple currencies! Lunch Money made managing finances while living abroad so much easier!

Dan, budgeting from UK

The personal finance tracking tool I was always hoping would exist. Simple and to-the-point, yet powerful. Excellent!

Rudy, budgeting from UK

Great value and simple to use system. Get control and visibility of your finances, then organise them.

Scott, budgeting from UK

Jen (founder/developer) is fantastic at responding to bug reports and feature requests quickly! Well worth the subscription.

Anirudh, budgeting from USA

The support, even though the entire product/company is a one-person team, is the best I've ever seen, far surpassing large multinational corporations with billions of dollars in resources.

Greg, budgeting from USA

I love how Lunch Money allows me to see all my finances in one place, without worrying about having my data sold to the highest bidder. Wonderful product!

Flaviu, budgeting from USA

Lunch Money just works. Plain and simple. Everything you need for personal finance in one beautiful, easy to use package.

David, budgeting from UK

What a wonderful tool!! After years of searching I finally found a tool which fits my needs, so thanks a bunch!

Clemens, budgeting from Germany

I love love love Lunch Money! This is the only budgeting app that makes sense with how my mind works.

Brittany, budgeting from USA
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