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YNAB Alternative

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You Need A Budget, or better known as YNAB, is a popular budgeting solution that started in 2004.

Why it’s time to find an alternative to YNAB

The rigidity of YNAB's platform and methodology might be difficult for some to get started on.

YNAB has a lot of reading material and webinars designed to get you to become a master budgeter on their platform. But is such a steep learning curve necessary for an effective budgeting solution?

I have been trying to find the perfect balance between YNAB and Mint for a long time and I think you just struck that balance.

Alessandro, budgeting from 🇮🇹 and 🇺🇸

Enter Lunch Money - YNAB Alternative

Lunch Money


⚡ Easy to get started

The majority of Lunch Money users are able to get started quickly and easily by themselves

High learning curve makes getting started very daunting

⚡ Beautiful, intuitive design

Lunch Money has a slick and modern interface designed with the modern-day spender in mind

Outdated and dense design that hasn't grown with the times

⚡ Continuous improvement

A public changelog lets Lunch Money users know what is being worked on next and what was recently released

YNAB's changelog doesn't mention their roadmap

⚡ Native multicurrency

Spend in multiple currencies? Lunch Money's multicurrency solution is built-in natively and works seamlessly across all features.

You need to use third-party plugins to mimic multicurrency support

⚡ More affordable

Lunch Money's current offering with 20% lifetime discount is at $6.40 monthly or $64 yearly (in USD).

YNAB's current pricing is $11.99 monthly or $84 yearly (in USD)

⚡ Budget the way you want

Lunch Money is flexible enough to support your personal budgeting philosophy.

YNAB only supports the very rigid envelope method.

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